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At Fay's Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled service. As a well-established small business, we've garnered a loyal clientele over our years of operation. Specializing in servicing residential homes within the southwest suburbs, we bring dedication and expertise to every job. If you're passionate about cleaning, join us on this rewarding career path!

Come work where your work is appreciated!

Exceptional Benefits

  • Competitive Pay
    Our staff enjoys generous weekly pay.

  • Paid for Travel
    Your time on the road is compensated.

  • Flexible Schedule
    Enjoy your evenings and weekends off.

  • Tip Opportunities
    Earn extra through tips and rewards.

  • Supportive Team
    Work alongside our wonderful staff.

  • Appreciative Clients
    Experience the best customer base.

  • Supplied Tools
    We provide thorough training, uniforms, and supplies.


    Provides exceptional service in every customer's home. We love professional, hardworking, and friendly staff.

    There is always an opportunity for growth. Works as a housekeeper while assisting their team and training new employees. 

Now is a
great time to join our team!

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